Sunday School Department


Sunday School Superintendent
Minister Terry Hall

Primary Purpose

Obedient response to the Great Commission: Making disciples who will fulfill the threefold mission of the church- evangelism, worship, and discipleship.
Primary Strategy
The intentional, systematic, development of leaders who can carry on the work of the ministry in the local church.
Primary Cirriculum
 The Bible supported by appropriate teaching resources such as Power for Living ordered directly from the Church of God in Christ Publishing House @
The Primary Process
Regular, systematic teaching of Bible content and doctrine.
Sunday School is the Church's largest discipleship ministry. It is an essential disciple-making strategy of the Church as such. Sunday School has proven its effectiveness by teaching biblical principles and godly living to people at every age and stage of life.  Sunday School teachers work hard to bring a clearer picture of God's Word to church members. In order for Sunday School to remain effective in the 21st century, the Church must both reaffirm and retain the essential elements of this disciple-making strategy while also developing flexibility to address the diverse discipline challenges of our fast-paced, pluralistic culture.
Therefore each Sunday morning, at 9:30 a.m. the Emmanuel Church of God in Christ Sunday School ministry programs provides ministerial and educational classes for Adult men and women, nursery/kindergarten children ages 2-5; Primary, ages 6-8; Junior, ages 9-12; Junior High, ages 13-15; Senior High, ages 15-17; and New Members/Growing in Christ Class.
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